Essex Prestige Vehicle Maintenance

Porsche Boxster/Cayman 987 (2005 - 2012)

  • All servicing carried out to original Porsche Service Schedules
  • All Servicing is carried out using genuine Porsche parts and Mobil lubricants (Pattern parts used upon request).
  • All Prices are inclusive of parts, labour an VAT.
  • All prices are set 01/01/2016 and are subject to change. 
20k Service
  • Inbound test drive and report
  • Check and adjust screen washers and wiper blades. Fill washer fluid.
  • Check brake fluid contamination. 
  • Check all electrical devices including exterior lighting.
  • Clean and Lubricate door locks and hinges.
  • Suspend vehicle and Remove wheels.
  • Grease wheel hubs and nuts.
  • Renew engine oil and filter. Renew plug washer.
  • Renew Pollen Filter.
  • Check underside of vehicle.
  • Check auxillary drive belt.
  • Check all brake and fuel lines, Wax protect all metal lines.
  • Check drive shafts and CV boots.
  • Check all suspension and steering joints.
  • Check all tyres.
  • Check and adjust all tyre pressures.
  • Outbound Test drive.
  • Check and correct all vehicle fluid levels. 
  • Update service book with "Porsche Specialist" Staple stamp.


40k Service

As 20K service with addition of:

  • Renew Air filter element.
  • Check and adjust handbrake freeplay.
  • Check clutch free play
  • Check and clean throttle body.


60k Service

As 20k service with addition of:

  • Replace spark plugs
  • Replace drive belt
  • Check integrity of belt pullies and idler wheels
  • Minus air filter



Gearbox Oil Change

Recommended every 120K miles:

  • Renew transmission fluid.

£99.00 (manual)

From £199.00 (tiptronic)


Renew front brake pads - £180.00

Renew front brake discs and pads - £499.00

Renew rear brake pads - £150.00

Renew rear brake discs and pads - £425.00

* Genuine Porsche parts used, patten parts available.

Renew brake fluid - £55.00

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